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Filter broke? Need parts? We can get most filtration parts for Marineland and Hagen Filter Systems. This includes filters such as Penguin, Emperor, Eclipse, Bio-Wheel, Magnum, Fluval, AquaClear, DynaFlow, Bio-Life, Maxima - Optima, Marina, Radiant, Solar, and Trio.

Most filter products returned as "defective" are often only in need of cleaning, minor adjustments or single part replacement. In most cases, they can be restored to operation quickly and easily.



Below are the list of filters that we can get parts for. Just click on the filter you need replacement parts for. If you have questions about a particular filter part or model, feel free to ask us.

Because of several factors we are unable to list the parts prices. However you can get a quote for a part or order parts by calling the numbers below.

For Marineland Parts Call:
Mon-Fri 7am-5pm PST

For Hagen Parts Call:
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm EST

Marineland Parts
Eclipse Penguin
Magnum Canister H.O.T Magnum
Bio-Wheel Penguin Powerheads
Hagen Parts
AquaClear AquaClear Power Head
BioLife DynaFlo
Fluval 03 External Marina
Fluval 04 Fluval Internal
Trio Maxima - Optima



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